Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Campaign Poster & Supreme Court Nominees

Plus, some late-breaking news:  an unnamed source has also revealed Donald Trump's intended Supreme Court Nominees (assuming another slot opens up).  (Shhhhhh -- it's a secret!)

Trump Proposes Resurrecting The Three [Five] Stooges

When asked who he'd like to see as cabinet members when he's president, Mr. Trump said:  "My top five choices for those positions would be Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Joe Besser, Shemp Howard, and Joe DeRita."

Benny Hill has yet to comment.


Trump Denies Benny Hill's Death

When asked (by CNN ) again about the apparent death of Benny Hill in 1992, Trump said:  "That's just a vicious rumor started by bleeding-heart liberals because they're afraid ... they're afraid of us.  Benny Hill is just as alive — and just as relevant — as I am.  The so-called death of Benny Hill is about as real as Global Climate Change — show me the so-called scientific evidence, and I'll show you a bunch of losers."

Trump, Lies, and Bankruptcy

More of what to expect.

Trump, Lies, and Bankruptcy


Fiscally Sound

Just so you know where our country would be headed under Donald Trump's fiscal leadership:

Everything you want to know about Donald Trump's bankruptcies


Trump Chooses VP ! ! !

In the kind of bold move which has become characteristic of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, the Republican front runner has finally announced his choice for Vice President — the charismatic (and controversial) Benny Hill.

After an extensive search for a person with similar gravitas & dignity as Donald Trump, the campaign set it's sights on the famous television personality.

Benny Hill (born Alfred Hawthorne Hill in 1924) is widely regarded as the most suitable running mate for The Donald.

Trump held a press conference on Monday (25 April 2016) at a Gentlemen's Club in Manhattan, SCORES, which he's rumored to partially own.

When asked about Hill's nationality [English] and the notion that he's been dead for more than twenty-four years, Trump said:  "I don't think that will be a problem.  Benny Hill is NOT a loser; he's a HUGE success, and together we'll go all the way to the White House!  We'll make America great again; we'll run it like a business."

And the estate of Benny Hill has tentatively accepted the role.